No more MORE! — The Minimum Viable Workplace

Photo by Pierre Châtel-Innocenti on Unsplash
The Minimum Viable Workplace
  • Functionality: a simple palette of team (enclosed and semi-enclosed) and focus spaces as the two fundamental building blocks of the workspace, with an accessible social ‘heart’, the landing point. 100% ‘up’ time. Scheduling underpinned by dynamic, intelligent (AI) technology.
  • Inclusivity: Space that addresses all matters of access and use from the widest possible considerations of equality, diversity and inclusion. Which calls for simple, functional treatments. Complex outcomes are often those most likely to exclude.
  • Responsiveness: the ability of the space to be easily and cheaply reconfigured when needed — not on a day-to-day basis, but in response to changes in the organisation’s and its people’s needs and priorities.
  • Responsibility: the least embodied carbon possible, ethical sourcing, re-used and re-cycled installations. Every item included to have a known and beneficial end-of-life use.
  • Pride: a celebration of the above, rather than the visible waste from the pursuit of uniqueness for its own sake.



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Neil Usher

Neil Usher


work & workplace protagonist | #ElementalWorkplace and #ElementalChange originator | rumoured to create human environments | known to blog